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    The Brand

    Takeshy Kurosawa is one of the most celebrated Italian brands in the world for the production of denim and collaborates with the largest Japanese textile companies. It’s a constantly evolving, young and dynamic brand, a continuous complicity between the love for Italian craftsmanship and the International outlook on today's world. The company is constantly growing and evolving, with particular regard to service and customer satisfaction, which has become one of the major strengths of the brand.

    The company

    TK has an annual production of about 250,000 garments and a distribution network of 200 active stores, + 10 single-brand stores. The company generates a turnover that exceeds 3 million euros per year. The creativity of our style center is the beating heart of Takeshy Kurosawa. A team of young designers that takes the name of TK Creative Group with creative flair in their veins, which breaks the rules, invents, twists and reinterprets, anticipating trends, designing new collections.


    Takeshy Kurosawa is pure denim, 100% made in Italy, embellished by the extraordinary selvedge fabrics imported directly from the Japanese Kurabo and Amhot, leaders in oriental textile manufacturing. Creation, production, processing, finishing and control take place exclusively in Italy and each garment is the result of a meticulous search for perfection in all the steps of the production process and packaging.